Law Enforcement Vehicles

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Law Enforcement Vehicles

Law Enforcement Vehicles

The vast array of law enforcement vehicles cant be covered here but we will try and go over some of the most commonly used vehicles and what it takes to make them ready for use in law enforcement. You have your most common types of emergency vehicles which are covered in many aspects of this blog but we are trying to break it down so you can understand how the Vehicles correspond to the Missions and the types of conversions that go along with that.  The vehicles can be Stealth SUVs or otherwise known as Unmarked suvs which are used in undercover operations and for community and highway patrol.

Other Law Enforcement Vehicles

Many Law Enforcement agencies use pickup trucks and utility trucks to support their operations

Prisoner Transport Vehicles

We have all see them as we drive down the highway – the prisoner vans with all those current inmates picking up trash on the side of the road

prisoner work van

command bus

prisoner bus

prisoner work bus


SWAT Riot Vehicles

These vehicles can be SUVs, Sprinters, vans OR utility vehicles. these vehicles are
K-9 Unit