Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems

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Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems

Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems

Emergency Services Vehicles all contain cabinet systems to help fulfill their missions. Each emergency services sector has its own requirements deepening on the emergency service sector, mission and vehicle. Some fire and Rescue, Emergency Medical and Law Enforcement emergency vehicles have similar cabinet systems but each one has its own nuances.

Emergency Medical Cabinet Systems

Emergency medical cabinets are for EMS and ALS services and for quick response for Medical Emergencies.

Law Enforcement Cabinet Systems

Law Enforcement Cabinets can be front consoles to operate your Emergency Sirens and Lights or cabinets for sedans or SUVs.  If it is a front console and you will have to

Fire and Rescue Cabinet Systems

Fire Chief Vehicle Conversions

Battalion Chief Conversions

Battalion Chief Emergency Lights

Battalion chief vehicles can be either a sedan or a SUV

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