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pickup emergency conversions fire and rescue



chevrolet silverado 3500hd heavy duty truck

Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd heavy duty truck

Fire Departments can benefit from the functionality and versatility of the Pickup Truck.   When  looking into vehicle conversion options the pickup truck have many features that work well with Fire Utility, Command and Control as well as other missions. Using a pickup chassis allows the department and the vehicle upfitter to have many options when constructing their rescue conversion. The available options in cabinet systems for Picks up lend it to being the go-to-vehicle for many Fire and Rescue departments. Adding a slide out system will allow you and your team to have full extension of the cabinet allowing for many storage options. These packages have the ability to handle loads of up to 2000 lbs. These lend it to being a great choice of vehicle for Emergency Fore and Rescue. Using Pickups for fire and rescue operations have been in practice for years and will be used for many more years.

Emergency Fire & Rescue Pickup Trucks

pickup emergency conversions fire and rescue

pickup emergency conversions fire and rescue

Fire departments with Emergency Rescue capabilities will be able to use the full length of the truck for their cabinet system if they choose a pickup truck.  If they decide on an SUV they will have to take into consideration the seats and make accommodations for that.  No matter what the size the truck bed is there is a cabinet system that will work for you.  The cabinet system you choose is up to you & department because there are a world for options and finding the right solution for the long haul can be tricky. If you have a smaller bed you have the options for storage and weapons cabinets or Drawer Systems.  If your pickup truck is full length you can have the options for pull  out system,s that can allow you to have cabinet systems as well as storage compartments.

Pickup Bed Sizes & Cabinet Options

  • 5’6″ Bed Length ( Short ) – Cabinet Systems for 5 and a half foot Pickup beds
  • 6’6″ Bed Length ( Medium) – Cabinet Systems for 6 and a half foot Pickup beds
  • 8′ Bed Length ( Full Length ) – Cabinet Systems for 8 foot Pickup beds

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Building a SWAT COMMAND vehicle for a Sports Arena, Town or Municipality can begin with you defining the mission. Is this a Tactical Command Unit or a SWAT and STRIKE Team Deployment Vehicle. You can decide if you are in need of a Weapons Cabinet or Extra Storage for Battering Rams, Shields and other gear.

Sports Utility SWAT Vehicles

SWAT Sprinters

The Sprinter is a very versatile vehicle. They can be converted many types of vehicles because of there open space and construction which allows it to be converted into many types of vehicles. Converting a Sprinter into a SWAT vehicle is a great idea. They offer many configuration options are often the choice of Citys, Municipalities and other strike force teams.

SWAT GALLERY – Upfitted Sprinters for SWAT & Strike force.

SWAT Utility Vehicles

SWAT Van Vehicles



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Law Enforcement Vehicles

Law Enforcement Vehicles

The vast array of law enforcement vehicles cant be covered here but we will try and go over some of the most commonly used vehicles and what it takes to make them ready for use in law enforcement. You have your most common types of emergency vehicles which are covered in many aspects of this blog but we are trying to break it down so you can understand how the Vehicles correspond to the Missions and the types of conversions that go along with that.  The vehicles can be Stealth SUVs or otherwise known as Unmarked suvs which are used in undercover operations and for community and highway patrol.

Other Law Enforcement Vehicles

Many Law Enforcement agencies use pickup trucks and utility trucks to support their operations

Prisoner Transport Vehicles

We have all see them as we drive down the highway – the prisoner vans with all those current inmates picking up trash on the side of the road

prisoner work van

command bus

prisoner bus

prisoner work bus


SWAT Riot Vehicles

These vehicles can be SUVs, Sprinters, vans OR utility vehicles. these vehicles are
K-9 Unit

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Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems

Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems

Emergency Services Vehicles all contain cabinet systems to help fulfill their missions. Each emergency services sector has its own requirements deepening on the emergency service sector, mission and vehicle. Some fire and Rescue, Emergency Medical and Law Enforcement emergency vehicles have similar cabinet systems but each one has its own nuances.

Emergency Medical Cabinet Systems

Emergency medical cabinets are for EMS and ALS services and for quick response for Medical Emergencies.

Law Enforcement Cabinet Systems

Law Enforcement Cabinets can be front consoles to operate your Emergency Sirens and Lights or cabinets for sedans or SUVs.  If it is a front console and you will have to

Fire and Rescue Cabinet Systems

Fire Chief Vehicle Conversions

Battalion Chief Conversions

Battalion Chief Emergency Lights

Battalion chief vehicles can be either a sedan or a SUV